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Watch Prince Charles read the Scottish Weather Report

The future King of England may be the one who presented his then wife-to-be Diana with that legendary sapphire engagement ring but now he is making news as a weatherman. Scottish TV viewers who tuned in for the lunchtime weather forecast on Wednesday were in for a pleasant surprise when they had the weather report read to them by a very special guest: Prince Charles.

The 63-year-old heir apparent and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall visited BBC Scotland studios in Glasgow to mark sixty years of BBC Scotland TV. Reports are that the Prince read from cue cards while adding his own commentary to the prepared script.

Prince Charles Royal Inspired Style

Besides the Sapphire ring Prince Charles also got an engagement ring for his present wife if we have to compare the two, both have their own unique beauty.  Prince Charles’ family has actual crown jewels, so it does seem that proposing had been a lot simpler for him. Though if reports are to be believed it was not that easy, almost 3 decades ago when Prince Charles asked 19-year-old Diana Spencer to marry him he actually bought a ring.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer wedding

The Diana Ring

It is a well known fact that the 18-carat sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds was featured in Garrard’s catalog when he purchased it for £30,000. The same ring now adorns the ring finger of his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Camilla Parker and Prince Charles Engagement Ring

However, for his second engagement ring to his Camilla Parker Bowles, decided to follow the tradition and look for something in the family treasure. This ring is a beautiful piece of Windsor heirloom. As for details it has a emerald-cut diamond at the centre with six baguette diamonds at the sides. This ring once belonged to Prince’s grandmother the Queen Mum.

Famous royal sapphire engagement rings

Blue sapphire engagement rings are in vogue. The splendid blue of sapphire is a true spell binder. Since former Kate Middleton has displayed her sapphire engagement ring, the world of jewels has noticed a marked liking about sapphire rings. But it is not the first time that any royal family member has selected a sapphire center stone instead of diamond.

There are many examples of imperial sapphire choice. Look back a little and you’ll find that the tradition of giving sapphires as engagement ring was common among the British Royal Family. Though the most photographed royal sapphire engagement ring was of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales but there were many other sapphire engagement rings in the royal family history.

Queen Elizabeth received a radiant Kashmir sapphire and diamond engagement ring and Princess Marina, duchess of Kent received a 7-carat square-cut sapphire engagement ring. The ring also had baguette diamonds and was set in platinum.

Alice, the duchess of Gloucester was another royal lady who received a sapphire engagement ring. Her ring had a princess-cut sapphire in the center. And Princess Anne’s sapphire ring had a diamond on each side. She was the first royal in 200 years who married a commoner.

Princess Alexandra, Princess Diana and now Princess Catherine have picked an oval sapphire engagement ring encircled by diamonds.

Former Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is a family heirloom which was given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles as an engagement present.

These are just few names associated with sapphire engagement rings. It’s true that the glamor and elegance of sapphire has just increased with time and with every passing day it will even shine more brightly.

Is Sapphire the right gemstone for engagement rings?

While this may appear ridiculous to lovers of sapphires, it is a question that necessitates looking into.image Blue sapphires, real true blue sapphires enamor the onlooker with their sheer color and sparkle. Blue is a color that always soothes, and is a favorite with men and women alike.

There are mystical properties associated with sapphires, which make them especially attractive to anyone who wants to work a little magic in their lives. Sapphires are said to bring harmony, serenity and success upon the one who wears them. They are said to strengthen the spirit and help rediscover inner reservoirs of strength.image One reason why women prefer sapphire engagement rings is that when it comes to wedding bands, you get superb collection of wedding bands for men with tiny sapphires. While women stack their engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger, it is ultimate if they are wearing sapphire wedding bands that match those of their husbands.

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Various Sapphire Engagement Rings – II

You could narrow down your options of sapphire engagement rings by the shapes of sapphire in the ring, or by solitaire blue sapphire rings, or blue sapphire and diamond engagement rings, or by the band type in the sapphire engagement rings. There is a comprehensive sapphire engagement ring buying guide on the site as well.

Round-Ceylon-Blue-Sapphire-Designer-Ring-with-Diamonds-in-Platinum-(7-mm)_SRW0426SH_Reg Oval-Blue-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Three-Stone-Ring-in-14K-White-Gold-(7x5-mm)_ORW82943SB_Reg

Diamonds and blue sapphire engagement rings make for the most popular category here. Blue sapphires show atypical color which beats all other gemstones.

Of all top five gemstones, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires are the ones known farthest back in history. (Stories float about Ten Commandments being written upon tablets of sapphire.)

Loose sapphires are also available with Angara for customizing sapphire engagement ring. If there isn’t an element of surprise in the engagement, you could design the sapphire engagement ring together. Imagine exciting ways of presenting her with the sapphire engagement ring at the right time and place. Ensure right ring size before you order.

Various Sapphire Engagement Rings

It isn’t only celebrities who wear sapphire engagement rings. The rarity and universal appeal of sapphires do contribute to making sapphire engagement rings the success they are. What is in the hearts of those who propose with sapphire engagement rings and those who wear sapphire engagement rings is the symbolism that sapphires have. Mystically speaking, sapphires symbolize constancy and confer success upon the wearer.


September birthstones sapphires lures all; people born in other months wear sapphires as well. Blue sapphires are known for the deep colors. Blue sapphire engagement rings are the top trend right now. If she is trendier sorts, she’d love a sapphire engagement ring.

Sapphires are some of the most romantic gemstones, and the subtle appeal and elegance of a sapphire has no parallels. It is a common misconception that sapphires cost the earth. Angara has sapphire rings and sapphire jewelry that are perfectly affordable. The quality of a sapphire in sapphire jewelry determines the price, and we are completely transparent about sapphire jewelry.

The array of sapphire engagement rings at Angara include solitaire sapphire engagement rings, blue sapphire engagement rings with diamonds and also blue sapphire engagement rings set with other gemstones that accentuate the beauty of the sapphire in the ring. If you think you want to begin with heirlooms, premium sapphire engagement rings are the best option. Tad bit on the higher side, exclusive quality of premium sapphire engagement rings really commands the price they are at.

Sapphire Engagement Rings – Make Her Fall In Love Again

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, and if so, then what would a better than a gemstone that is believed to be bestowed by the heavens itself. In ancient mythology, it was believed that sky gets its color from a big solid rock of sapphire that the earth rests on.


Sapphires are a classic when it comes to engagement rings. This gemstone with its royal hue when paired with the brilliant diamonds, creates an enchanting aura. The sapphire ring with a diamond border is a classic and has graced many celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Eva Longoria.

This blue sapphire ring of Angara with emerald cut sapphire stone, crafted with diamond border will surely make your girl fall in love with you again. These rings with their suave design are perfect choice for engagement rings and what’s more Angara offers you this at lowest possible price.

You can also get these beautiful rings personalized. Just call us at 1-888-926-4272, and one of our Jewelry Experts will be glad to custom make your perfect engagement ring.

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Tips for Buying a Great Engagement Ring – V

Choose metal and setting: The choice of metal and setting is as important as the stone. If your beloved nurtures a fetish for platinum then don’t even bother looking at the rings in yellow gold. Find out which metal and hue appeals to her. If she likes designs, choose a ring with metal filigree lining the stones. Remember this ring will sit pretty on her finger constantly so a secure metal setting is as important as the look. Consult the jeweler and find out about the setting before you finally buy the ring.

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Tips for Buying a Great Engagement Ring – IV

Decide the stone type: Once the budget is determined decide on the stone. If diamonds happen to be your sweetheart’s favorite stone, then so be it. Make sure you read through the Four Cs used in diamond buying before you initiate the purchase. If budget is a constraint, look for a piece with diamond accents instead of a solitaire. Not only will numerous diamond accents when put together look breathtakingly beautiful, but also lend a large and elaborate look. The best part being you will acquire it within your estimated budget. If she’s fond of colored gemstones go for one in the color she likes in a lovely design where it’s coupled with diamond accents to add shimmer and style to the ring.

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Tips for Buying a Great Engagement Ring – III

Decide your budget: Before you start looking for an engagement ring, it is very important to determine your budget. This will help you not to get carried away by any persuasive salesperson. If you’re shopping online, determining a budget beforehand will help again. You can share it with the sales representative who can lead you to something you’re looking for that also fits within your budget. You end up buying the right ring without wasting much time.

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Tips for Buying a Great Engagement Ring – II

Flow with trends: For somebody who likes to stay abreast of fashion trends, walk that extra mile and do some research on what’s fashionable. To make things more simplified let me share it with you. Gemstone jewelry is hot and happening besides being more affordable and vibrant. Choose one in her favorite color. Especially with rubies going rare, a ring with this regal red gemstone would be just the right choice for your queen. While keeping in sync with the trends also keep in mind that you should choose a ring that will never go out of fashion due to its unique look and beauty.

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