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Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Three Stone Ring

We are always attracted to something that looks pretty and impressive and this is very true in case of jewelry. No matter what we cannot help but resist the charm of some varieties that have always been around and still continue to be popular. The three stone rings happen to be one such example that look attractive and never fail to make a mark. In this case especially the fact that two of the finest stones join hands in a single piece to create an effect that is splendid compels us to stop and take notice.

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring  Sapphire Ring

The beautiful oval shaped center stone that is none other than a vivid colored sapphire is of course the focus but wait till you lay eyes on the two dazzling diamond side stones that throw a lavish sprinkle of light and make the piece glow. As if this was not stunning enough there are more diamonds on the shanks that again play their brilliant role to perfection and add further light and beauty to this magnificent piece.

Sapphire Three Stone Ring 

The white gold setting is the ideal choice of metal for this piece as it lends its own sheen to the stones and increases the awesome effect of it. One thing is for sure you simply cannot help but feel awe at this sapphire and diamond three stone ring and each time you wear it you will see the effect it has on others.  

Three Stone Sapphire Engagement Ring

Three stone rings are an absolute classic way to propose a girl. The three gemstones set side by side look brilliantly simple yet very stylish. A perfect combination that is found very rarely!

Round Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Round Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring

This three stone ring is adorned with the most gorgeous blue gems in the world – the stunning sapphires. Three round prong set sapphires add a beautiful dash of color and sophistication to this piece of jewelry.

Sapphires are love for they embody loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. And, the three stones in this ring stand for the journey that you taken and the journey that you shall take with your loved one.

Round diamonds on the shank make a dazzling pair with the sapphires. Set in 14K white gold, this sapphire three stone engagement ring is truly mesmerizing.

Pear Sapphire Ring

Sapphire rings have a definite aura about them that leaves everyone mesmerized with its beauty and glamour. The royal blue hue that this gem offers sets it apart from any other gemstone you would have come across.

Pear Sapphire and Diamond Border Ring

This sapphire and diamond ring beautifully displays a sapphire crowning the rings. A pear shaped sapphire sits proudly as the center stone in this ring from Angara.com. Round brilliant cut diamond surround the sapphire, like guards trying to protect the royal treasure.

Prong set round diamonds continue their way on to the shank adding to the dazzle.

This gorgeous piece of jewelry is something that every girl would love to wear it on her ring. So, if you are looking for a perfect way to tell her how much you care for her. Go ahead; this will do it just right!!