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Oval Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Sometimes you’re at a total loss of words. It could be regarding a situation, few people or something you see and in this case it has to be when you take a look at this absolutely magnificent and gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. Set with the most coveted and beautiful of all stones, an oval shaped sapphire along with the shimmering diamonds this one is a sure winner right through. The overall impact of the piece is something you cannot ignore and every little detail plays its part to perfection in making it so impeccable.

The Embrace Engagement Ring With Matching Wedding Band

With the stunning oval shaped center stone that is flanked by two dazzling round diamonds you would feel the amount of dazzle is good enough and this is till you lay eyes on more of the tiny twinkling diamonds that are studded on the shanks. All the stones combine to create an effect that cannot be described in words. The design and style plays an equally important role and this exquisite piece gets its mark of distinction from the metal twisting of the design that is altogether unique.

Every feature adds up to the sheer splendor of the piece making it something to cherish forever. Trust me if you want to look your best at a given occasion and are wondering what can possibly make lasting impressions then let me tell you this absolutely ravishing piece is the one for you.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring for The Light of Life

Finding a true soul mate is difficult and once found expressing the serious sentiments to them is even more difficult. If the case is same with you then I could suggest you the best way to share your eternal thoughts. Simply get a halo diamond engagement ring and rest the ring will do for you.


Engagement rings are in the tradition for decades. They connote the emotions of one soul dwelling in two hearts. And a halo diamond ring has just the more right way to show the unconditional feelings in a very simple manner.

The halo style is not new for engagement rings. It has been in the limelight for ages and with every passing day it is becoming a more evident style of proposal. A halo style refers to the circle of diamonds or colored stones around the main gemstone. In straight words it is the merger of bezel, prong and pave settings.


There are numerous types of designs available in halo diamond engagement rings. I consider it as the best style because it shows the brilliance of diamond and magnifies it with the halo. Also the setting securely holds the stones in the metal and creates a bewitching effect on the viewers.

Halo diamond engagement ring along with symbolizing the opulent fashion taste shows the eternal love, passionate charm and diehard togetherness. It speaks for your sentiments and showcases the devotion, admiration and concern you have for your love.

You can easily get halo engagement rings in varied designs from vintage to modern. And each of these designs with the twinkling of diamonds contributes an extraordinary edge to your loving confession.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

As if getting him around to willingly agree for marriage wasn’t tough enough, you have to now convince him to spend his hard earned money to buy you a ring that is expensive enough to reassure you of his love! And in these tough times… oh yeah riiiight.

So now be his doll. Tell him you want his love and no more. Tell him how happy you would be with a gemstone engagement ring which will cost him half the price of a diamond engagement ring (probably less). You get this pretty ring with a colored stone which is trendy and the hot look of the season and your to-be-hubby gets a lovely mate who’s already concerned about his savings. Wow! You go girl…

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Tips for Buying a Great Engagement Ring – VII

Acquire Information and Get Proof: The ring is a high end purchase so get your hands on all the information about the authenticity of the stones. If it’s a diamond ring make sure you have the certificate or report from one of the two internationally recognized organizations, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society). Even in case of a gemstone ring find out about the certificate before the buy.

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Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Don’t you agree pink is one color that is truly girlie. Even while the modern man is venturing to sport pink, it remains ultimately feminine. And when you add pink jewelry to your clothes you indeed strike a very pretty pose. You can acquire the look by this three stone pink sapphire and diamond ring in white gold. Trust me this will soon become your much favored piece of jewelry, as the classic coupled with feminine look of the ring will make it quite irresistible for you.

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