Stylish Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink is the color of happiness, romance, youth and freedom. It is the color of femininity, hope and love. Imagine wearing love on your finger as a pink sapphire ring!

Pink sapphire rings are new rage as engagement, wedding and anniversary rings. Like blue sapphire, pink sapphire engagement rings also have wide and varied options to choose from. These rings are available in some awe-inspiring combinations with diamonds and the two perfectly complements each other. A pink sapphire has its color due to the presence of chromium and its color ranges from pastel pink to deep pink. This variation in hues gives wide options to buyers in selecting their choice of pink.

Emerald-Cut-Pink-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0167PS Cushion-Pink-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0158PS Pear-Pink-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Twin-Shank-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0108PS

A pink sapphire is also a great substitute for pink diamond so a pink sapphire ring can be a beautiful alternate for a diamond ring. Since pink diamonds are rarer than sapphires and costs much, a ring with pink sapphire could be a good and affordable option.

Along with the famous emerald-cut, princess-cut and brilliant-cut, there are many fancy shapes that go well with a pink sapphire ring. A beautiful princess cut pink sapphire set in platinum or gold with diamonds is an elegant choice for engagement rings. This fancy sapphire is not only pretty but also helps in physical and mental well being. Be it solitaires or cocktail rings and even round brilliant cut engagement ring, pink sapphire is a lovely and affordable option.

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