Oscars 2012: Fewer Jewels Would Make Stars Shine

Put the champagne on ice and toss for the 84th Academy Awards. The biggest gala of the year is only few hours away. So before selecting the best and the worst at the red carpet, give a thought to the juicy Oscar jewelry predictions.

#1 Listen to the Earrings:

Diamond chandeliers, bold teardrops, hefty dangles, earrings with close proximity to eyes will light up the face. And they may talk a lot about the minimal concept. Either intricate or straight, earrings would make it easy for the dress to pose for shutterbugs.

#2 Minimalist on the Neck:

This year the dresses with bold colors and minimal fuss in design would take the center stage. To exclusively compliment the ensembles, the neck jewelry would kept to minimal or probably there won’t be neck pieces. T’s important not to distract the focus from that charming creation. So necklaces or pendants would be left in the vaults unless they are much required to adorn he looks.

#3 Brimming Bracelets:

This year the award season has sported broad cuffs and the trend would likely to be continued for Oscars too. These arm-candies with intricate diamond settings would ultimately enhance the glitter on the red carpet.

#4 Blue Sapphire splash:

Emerald jewelry has much complimented the starlet looks at the red carpet. But the runways of 2012 award events have been swimming in the ocean of blue. And the chances are that the trend would be in high esteem at the Oscars red carpet. The exotic blue sapphire earrings or a choker and even the magnificent rings would add zing to the blushing looks.

Though there would be fewer jewels at Oscars but surely the brilliance of each piece would be thousand folds. What are your thoughts? Agree disagree with the prediction or waiting to watch it live on Sunday!

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