Sapphire Split Shank Ring

If you are one of those who have a very classic style of fashion, then this is something that you just can’t avoid.

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Split Shank Ring

A best seller at, this sapphire and diamond split shank ring from presents a stunning combination of the classic and contemporary.

An oval sapphire mounts royally at the center of the ring. Two small brilliant cut round diamonds are set on each side of the sapphire. Set alternatively, these gemstones present an interesting amalgamation of blue and white hues.

The design of the ring is very simple, yet the split shank adds a gorgeous twist the whole ensemble. A ring that you would never want to take off from your hand!

One good reason why you should buy this ring from Angara is that you can pay for it in 3 Easy Installments. Isn’t that truly awesome! Also, you can choose the quality of gemstone that you want for your ring. So, basically you can choose everything from what quality you want to how you would want to pay for your jewelry. Jewelry shopping can’t sure get any better!

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