Sapphire engagement rings for a brilliant proposal

Like holiday season, Valentine’s Day is also a prominent time when one can think of proposing their partner. If you have decided to move ahead in your relation and decided to pop that vital question then you should first choose an engagement ring.

Diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings. But if you want something more unique and different then sapphire engagement rings are just for you. The last year had noticed great popularity in sapphire studded engagement rings. But it was not for the first time that sapphire engagement rings have secured a prominent position in fashion world. Since ages these stones of heaven have been used as engagement gems by many imperial and important people.

Princess Anne, Lady Diana and Princess Catherine are few royal names who picked sapphire engagement rings for treasuring their love for life time. Starlets like Penelope Cruz, Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Mills and Jodie Sweetin have also selected sapphire engagement ring for their very special day.

Penelope Cruz’s 3 carats bezel set sapphire antique ring with round diamonds is truly a stunner. The lovely pick from husband Javier Bardem has an estimated worth of $30,000. Similarly, Elizabeth Hurley’s marvelous blue sapphire engagement ring from beau Shane Warne is also an epitome of sapphire style. The ring has an emerald-cut 9 carats blue sapphire with two trillion diamonds. The cost of this radiant ring is estimated around $100,000.

The love of sapphire had even captured Heather Mills who once had a simple yet elegant sapphire and diamond engagement ring given by then husband Sir Paul McCartney. Her ring had a center radiant blue sapphire with an oval diamond on each side. It was set on a traditional gold band and made a lot of buzz due to the drama created around it.

Jodie Sweetin’s engagement ring is also a piece of talks. Her vibrant ring from fiancé Morty Coyle holds a sapphire of 2.5 carats in the center with 18 diamonds in a flower pattern around it. The ring at first sight looks an inspiration from former Kate Middleton’s sapphire ring but it is actually different from the latter. The diamonds in Jodie’s ring are set in a pattern that resembles like radiant white petals.

You may get lots of ideas and inspiration from these celebrity rings to customize your own style for a romantic proposal. You may also even visit the online store out there to find a more delighting ring which might exactly be a match to your thoughts.

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