Famous royal sapphire engagement rings

Blue sapphire engagement rings are in vogue. The splendid blue of sapphire is a true spell binder. Since former Kate Middleton has displayed her sapphire engagement ring, the world of jewels has noticed a marked liking about sapphire rings. But it is not the first time that any royal family member has selected a sapphire center stone instead of diamond.

There are many examples of imperial sapphire choice. Look back a little and you’ll find that the tradition of giving sapphires as engagement ring was common among the British Royal Family. Though the most photographed royal sapphire engagement ring was of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales but there were many other sapphire engagement rings in the royal family history.

Queen Elizabeth received a radiant Kashmir sapphire and diamond engagement ring and Princess Marina, duchess of Kent received a 7-carat square-cut sapphire engagement ring. The ring also had baguette diamonds and was set in platinum.

Alice, the duchess of Gloucester was another royal lady who received a sapphire engagement ring. Her ring had a princess-cut sapphire in the center. And Princess Anne’s sapphire ring had a diamond on each side. She was the first royal in 200 years who married a commoner.

Princess Alexandra, Princess Diana and now Princess Catherine have picked an oval sapphire engagement ring encircled by diamonds.

Former Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is a family heirloom which was given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles as an engagement present.

These are just few names associated with sapphire engagement rings. It’s true that the glamor and elegance of sapphire has just increased with time and with every passing day it will even shine more brightly.

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