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Top Five Huge Diamond Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a symbol of true love, loyalty and commitment of togetherness. You can get engagement rings in almost every style from solitaires and three stone rings to the art-deco and Edwardian style. Bold and extremely detailed rings are also there. It all depends on what you wish to give your sweetheart. When we talk about celebrities we could see that few carats and few hundred thousands are nothing for them. For some the bigger the stone the clearer the expression is a thumb rule. We have selected some of the truly huge diamond rings which have had the marked impression of their own in the world of engagement rings.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond rings:


We know the legendry Academy award winner had a whopping $150 million jewelry collection which few days back was up for auction at Christie’s NYC. Here we have picked a 33.19 carats flawless Krupp diamond engagement ring from her collection. She received this ring from Richard Burton who paid $305,000 for this ring in 1968. She also received a 29.4 carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from Mike Todd, her third husband. Both the rings are unmatched and exclusively huge.

Paris Hilton’s 24 carats engagement ring:


The hotel heiress received a 24 carats giant diamond engagement ring from her beau Paris Latsis. The ring was as extravagant as Paris and it cost the Greek shipping heir a cool $4.5 million.

Kim Kardashian’s big bling:


The reality television star was gifted a 20.5 carat ring from beau Kris Humphries. The $2 million emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from Kris received a lot of media attention instead of a 72 days marriage.

Beyonce’s $5 million ring:


The sensual singer received a solitaire emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from fiancé Jay-Z. It was an 18 carats flawless affair set in platinum.

Mariah Carey’s fancy diamond bauble:


Nick Cannon surprised Mariah Carey with a flamboyant colossal of 17 carats. The engagement ring was set in platinum holding an emerald-cut pink diamond surrounded by 57 small pink diamonds. This huge and pretty token of love was worth $2.5 million.

Emerald-Cut-Aquamarine-and-Diamond-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0149AQ Oval-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Designer-Ring-in-Platinum_SR0336SH

What to know you should before buying an engagement ring

An engagement ring is the investment of life time so it needs little attention. Before choosing an engagement ring you should do some homework like deciding the metal, stone and design of the ring. This will not only make your selection easier but also help you in getting a perfect bling for your lady luck.

Firstly, choose a metal of your choice. Most brides-to-be are very specific about the metal when it is for their engagement ring.

Yellow gold is the traditional and most preferred choice. 24k is the purest form of yellow gold but it is very soft and generally not preferred for engagement ring because it can’t hold the stone properly. 14k and 18k are though not so pure but are harder than 24k so these are more durable options for making an engagement ring.

If yellow is not your choice, you can opt for white gold or platinum. White gold rings also have the same sheer as yellow gold and they can easily complement any jewelry accessory she may have in her wardrobe.

Platinum on the other side is more expensive than gold because of its rarity. The metal is harder and highly resists any damage and never goes out of luster so makes a durable and shiny engagement ring.

Next important point is to decide the stone of your ring. Though diamonds are forever but it’s not necessarily applicable on every girl’s choice. If your girl likes diamonds than go for it after assuring the 4C’s of quality i.e. clarity, color, carat and cut. These are the quality parameters for a true diamond. And as you are opting for diamonds so don’t forget to ask for GIA (Gemological Institute of America)’s diamond quality certificate.

Oval-Tanzanite-and-Diamond-Designer-Ring-in-Platinum_SR0336TH /images/Emerald-Cut-Tanzanite-and-Diamond-Three-Stone-Ring-in-Platinum_SR0333TH

If she likes color stones then you can pick her birthstone or any precious stone. Tanzanite is one of the most popular gemstones these days. It is a rare and exotic stone and its trichrosim is exceptional. Tanzanite engagement rings are in fact in demand these days. You can possibly found tanzanite in any shape, size and cut. Other gemstones like sapphire, emerald and ruby are also very popular.

Cushion-Sapphire-and-Round-Diamond-Designer-Ring_SR0455S Round-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Three-Stone-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0230SH

Now you have to choose the design. Solitaires and three-stone rings are the traditional and classic options. But if you want something more decorative and exceptional go for antique engagement ring. They are really in great demand and each piece is unique and exclusive.

An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry but it is the expression of your love and devotion and is a piece to treasure for lifetime. Therefore, an engagement ring has to be very special and unique.

Stylish Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink is the color of happiness, romance, youth and freedom. It is the color of femininity, hope and love. Imagine wearing love on your finger as a pink sapphire ring!

Pink sapphire rings are new rage as engagement, wedding and anniversary rings. Like blue sapphire, pink sapphire engagement rings also have wide and varied options to choose from. These rings are available in some awe-inspiring combinations with diamonds and the two perfectly complements each other. A pink sapphire has its color due to the presence of chromium and its color ranges from pastel pink to deep pink. This variation in hues gives wide options to buyers in selecting their choice of pink.

Emerald-Cut-Pink-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0167PS Cushion-Pink-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0158PS Pear-Pink-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Twin-Shank-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0108PS

A pink sapphire is also a great substitute for pink diamond so a pink sapphire ring can be a beautiful alternate for a diamond ring. Since pink diamonds are rarer than sapphires and costs much, a ring with pink sapphire could be a good and affordable option.

Along with the famous emerald-cut, princess-cut and brilliant-cut, there are many fancy shapes that go well with a pink sapphire ring. A beautiful princess cut pink sapphire set in platinum or gold with diamonds is an elegant choice for engagement rings. This fancy sapphire is not only pretty but also helps in physical and mental well being. Be it solitaires or cocktail rings and even round brilliant cut engagement ring, pink sapphire is a lovely and affordable option.

Mangagement Rings – Fine Jewelry for Men

You might have heard about ‘Mangagement rings’. If not don’t worry! It’s not a new freaky piece to please the boss and absolutely have no relation with any management theory. Mangagement ring is actually the engagement ring for man. Yes! You are reading it correctly. It’s a ring for man to show that he is engaged.


This is not a new trend. In fact, it’s quite an old custom in many countries across the globe. It’s just that it’s just starting to become popular in the United States. According to Amada Gizzi, spokesperson for the jewelry information center, “Engagement rings for men are a new concept here in the United States. Men and women both wear engagement rings in a lot of countries around the world. For the United States it has never been our tradition. Therefore, it is a foreign concept to most people.”


Engagement rings for men are showing up on more and more fingers as many likeminded men are happy to show their ‘pre-commitment’ status. The trend is giving new sense of quality to relationships. Even celebrities are accepting it with open minds. Of course it’s a good idea for a guy to show the world that he is committed in other ways then just changing the facebook status.


It is not needed that the ring would be very glittery but a simple metal band is good enough. If the concept sounds interesting to you then you can pick a band for your man that will compliment his personality and choice.

Many jewelers are coming up with some great designs in gold, platinum and silver. You can customize a ring matching to his taste and style.

Britney Spears’ New Diamond Engagement Ring

It looks like that the pop queen has received many platinum records. After her engagement to beau Jason Trawick on Thursday, Britney celebrated her fiancé’s 40th birthday in Las Vegas and proudly showed off her 3 carats platinum bauble.

The lovebirds spent the evening at a private VIP table that overlooked the dance floor. Britney was wearing a skintight, tan, bandaged dress and proudly posed her beaming sparkle.

Jason Trawick Britney Spears Engagement Ring

Round Diamond Solitaire Ring Round Sapphire and Diamond Ring

The stunning ring Jason gave to Britney was looking like a tiara on her finger. Well it should to be, after all Britney is Jason’s princess. The ring befits Trawick’s vision of the singer’s down-home regality.

The beautiful fairytale ring has a solitaire white diamond atop of platinum band. 90 small diamonds around the entire handmade eternity band are adding the imperial flair to the ring. All in all, Britney’s $90,000 engagement ring from Jason is truly a royal treat. And it is fairly exhibiting that her husband-to-be is a very romantic guy who loves her more than anything on this earth.

Inspirational Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity sense for style is unique especially when we see their engagement rings. They are real classics! Exotic! and simply Elegant! I’m a diehard fan of celebrity jewelry and I’m sure most of you like me have fancy for their scintillating jewels. Without taking much of your time, I’ll directly jump onto my favorite category I celebrity jewelry –celebrity engagement rings!

Sometimes classic, sometimes vintage and sometimes fiery sensational, celebrities have different choice and personalities. While choosing an engagement ring they seriously follow their choice, personality and their exceptional trait of being entirely different from rest of the world. I have selected some class apart celebrities and their one-of-a-kind engagement rings in this list. So if you are planning to ask your lovely lady or trying to impress her this holiday season, then this list will help you a lot. Even those who are planning for the big day and want a special bling for themselves can also add these extraordinary styles to their selection list.

Scarlett Johansson Engagement RingRound Diamond Solitaire Ring

Scarlett Johansson is a classic beauty whit a classically simple and elegant diamond engagement ring. Her bezel set diamond ring from fiancé Ryan Reynolds truly exhibits her slightly reserved taste. This $30,000 bling is an excellent masterpiece that suits every style.

Jennifer Engagement RingRound Diamond Twisted Wedding Ring

Once upon a time hottest couple of Hollywood, Jennifer and Brad have started a trend of matching wedding bands. But prior to that, they were famous for the hefty engagement ring that Brad designed for Jennifer. It was a real lavish romance statement made in white gold with a diamond spiral and a giant center diamond. The $500,000 ring was one of the most expensive engagement rings of that time. Though Brad and Jennifer called off their relation but the ring is still in fashion.

Jessica Alba Engagement RingSquare Sapphire and Diamond Ring

This Asscher cut rock is my favorite! Fiancé Cash Warren had given Jessica Alba an engagement ring as sexy as she is. This antique engagement ring holds a whopping 5 carats diamond in center on a pave diamond band. This gorgeous and glamorous bijou is an all time favorite.

Katie Holmes Engagement RingOval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Much famous like their romance this Katie Holmes’ engagement ring is designed in platinum with a 5 carats oval diamond on center stage. This Edwardian style old world charm of $100,000 is still a hot choc pie.

Jessica Simpson Diamond Engagement RingPear Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Some styles are never out of fashion like this engagement ring of Jessica Simpson form ex-hubby Nick Lachey. This 3.5 carats pear-cut three stone platinum diamond ring is still in huge demand.

I’m sure you are much impressed by these heart capturing celebrity engagement rings and if you wish to have either of these for your charming beauty then customize one according to your choice. That will bring the same feel with more personalize appeal.