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Caring for your Sapphire Jewelry

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· First and foremost, always store your sapphire jewelry in a separate jewelry box or a soft jewelry pouch. Sapphires are moderately hard gemstones and they can scratch other gemstones. Also, sapphires can get scratched by diamonds, rubies and other sapphires.

· Do not wear your sapphire jewelry while doing any physically intensive work. A hard blow can make the stone crack.

· Get your jewelry examined professionally at least once a year. The setting sometime becomes loose, professional can tighten the loose gemstone while cleaning it.

· The best way to clean your jewelry at home is with a luke warm, mild soap and soft toothbrush.

· Sapphires are moderately hard so you can get them cleaned by ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners.

· Do not expose your sapphire jewelry to harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach as it can damage the setting.

· Store your jewelry in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. Sudden temperature changes can crack the sapphire.

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