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What to Say When Giving a Promise Ring OR Say It With A Promise Ring

If you have made a promise and want to seal it forever, what better way to do it than with a promise ring? A symbol of trust and love, a promise ring stands for a million emotions. This is one gift that will never cease to touch one’s heart. For those of you who are still wondering what a promise ring is, read on.


A promise ring is a symbol that expresses one’s feelings for  someone special which may not necessarily be romantic. The beauty of a promise ring lies in the feelings it underlines and conveys. Not only are promise rings popular with lovers, they can also be given by a parent to a child and can even be shared between two friends. Promise rings are also popular as pre-engagement rings. If you know your feelings for someone are true but you’re not yet ready for an engagement ring, let a promise ring do the talking for you. You can never imagine how much this token of love can actually emote.

Rings have always held strong symbolic significance. Although a promise ring may seem to some as a recent concept, they have actually been in existence for a pretty long time. Interestingly, in Venice, which was once the maritime capital of the world, ‘marriage promises’ with the Adriatic Sea were renewed by flinging a ring into the water on Ascension morning every year. On the other hand, Bishops in ancient times wore rings to denote their spiritual union with the Church, while in the 16th century rings were exchanged as a token of love and friendship in Europe.

Promise rings that bear diamonds are especially treasured. There is however, one underlying fact about promise rings that must be remembered, especially for those that flaunt a diamond. The promises that are made and the terms conveyed while exchanging a promise ring should be specified. The best way would be to let a note accompany the ring, where you can pour your heart out about the feelings you intend to communicate through your promise ring.

Leave nothing unsaid. What can be more heartening than to convey your innermost feelings to someone special especially if you have a beautiful promise ring to do all the talking for you.

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