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How to by a low- priced engagement ring

While most of us think that a dream wedding could be an expensive affair, it’s not always the case given that you plan it smart. A big part of budget is invested in buying the engagement ring. If you have dollars to impress your lady love you can off sure go beyond limits to win her heart but what about those with a thin budget. Do they have to make a compromise? The answer is no. You can still make her eyes twinkle, again with a bit of intelligence and a creative eye. Here are few options for affordable yet classy and breathtakingly beautiful engagement rings.

Look for options beyond diamonds:

When we talk about engagement rings most of us think of diamonds. Diamonds are surely the love of every lady’s heart but they are not the only option for engagement rings. In addition to this they have become a common custom. Precious gemstones are also an excellent choice for engagement rings especially since they have been highly in fashion. Gems such as Ruby and Sapphire belong to the family of corundum and fall next to diamonds in terms of durability. Therefore they are not only irresistibly beautiful but can also stand the test of time. Additionally when it comes to price the good thing about colored precious stones is that you can get same design within various price brackets depending upon the nature of gem used.


Give yourself enough time to look around and find best deals:

If you don’t allot enough time to plan and look around the chances are you might end up spending more than you actually desire. The wise thing to do is jump online to as many online retails as you can to steal a good deal. Beauty demands price is not always true. Many retails work on giving you a good price through their excellent supply chain still keeping the quality intact. You should look for add-ons such as free shipping and season discounts to make the most of your money.