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Get her to Say ‘I Do’ – Offer her a Sapphire Engagement Ring


Committing oneself to someone is a difficult decision for any girl. Before saying ‘I Do’, she needs to be sure of your love and care for her. A ring becomes an important medium to express your feelings and emotions to her. Then, why not say it all with sapphire engagement ring. It’s not only beautiful and elegant but also has been qualified as an engagement ring by Prince Charles when he proposed to Lady Diana with a ring.

The beauty of sapphire engagement rings enthralls everyone and its color reflects your romantic love and devotion. Sapphire with diamond on both sides or with a cluster of diamonds looks like a heavenly beauty surrounded with bright stars. Now it’s you who have to decide that which ring will make her walk down the aisle.

Engagement Ring for Princess Diana

Why Prince Charles Chose the Sapphire for his Engagement Ring?

Prince Charles chose a dazzling blue sapphire engagement ring for Lady Diana. This eminently beautiful ring had an 18 carat oval blue sapphire with a cluster of 14 small diamonds. From the plethora of rings, this sapphire ring was chosen to add beauty to their relationship. Vivid blue sapphires which are neither too dark nor too light are considered ideal, and the ring reflected this very color. Encircled with diamonds, it was like a heavenly beauty surrounded with bright lights. The dazzling loveliness enthralled not only Lady Diana but whoever saw the ring. A long lasting trend of sapphire engagement rings that was started by Prince Charles years ago still continues.