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Choose A Gemstone Engagement Ring For Your Fiance

The heavenly blue sapphire when fashionably set in a three stone setting flanked by two breathtaking diamonds on both sides would look outstanding. Sapphires being durable stones are ideal for daily wear. Fashionably classic is what we could call it. This is a perfect choice for someone with a chic and simple style. For a more ornate look, go for a round or emerald cut sapphire encircled with diamonds in white gold. Apart from looking prominently picturesque it will make her gasp in joy. You’re sure to be left breathless as well, when you see how the stone catches the color of her eyes. What can possibly be a more breathtaking sight?

She loves roses and you love her because she reminds you of one herself, a lovely pink rose in full bloom with a flushed glow. How truly feminine! What else other than a pretty pink sapphire for her.  Add few diamond accents to the ring just like dew drops on a rose. Make sure it’s either in white gold or platinum. Your pretty pink lady is sure to flip for this ring completely just the way you have for her.