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Sapphire Engagement Ring and Wedding Band – For a relation as Beautiful

Thinking engagement ring, wedding band uh?? Congratulations you’ve found your soul mate. Now that every thing has worked out pretty well till here you sure want it to go smooth with the proposal and eventually down the isle (not to mention life, of course). So when you propose, along with your heart felt feelings, the engagement ring will be important too. Now if she has given you the impression or somehow you think that she won’t, you are mistaken my friend.

She Will judge you by the engagement ring. Choose a ring that’s sophisticated but not too flamboyant, that’s trendy but not really a fashion ring. A sapphire ring can perfectly fit the bill. Sapphires are precious gemstones but not as expensive as diamonds, sapphires have a beautiful color and luster that’s hard to resist and sapphires are the latest trend in engagement rings with celebrities flaunting their sapphire rings.

You can later choose a sapphire wedding band for the wedding and she will be impressed by your fashion forward approach.

Importance Of Sapphire Engagement Ring

Although sapphires have been used in jewelry ever since man started using gemstones for adornment, the famous sapphire engagement ring presented to Lady Diana by her Prince Charming created quiet a stir. And this kicked a new trend that millions across the world followed.

Since ancient ages gemstones have been associated to the occult and mystic properties. Here are a few mystic properties associated to sapphires, properties that make sapphires special for engagement rings:

1.      Sapphires are believed to be symbols of enduring love. It was believed in ancient times that wearing a sapphire would bring purity and constancy in love.

2.      According to an ancient belief is a disloyal lover wore a sapphire ring, the color of the sapphire would dim.

3.       Sapphires are believed to bestow the wearer with wisdom and sanctify the mind and soul which is why the kings of ancient times wore sapphire rings.

Along with these reasons a sapphire ring has a mesmerizing beauty especially when combined with diamonds. Moreover the versatile color of sapphire makes it a compliment to almost all dresses and styles.

Blue sapphire Ring For Engagement – II

Make Her Your Princess Diana

If you are planning to buy her a sapphire engagement ring here is a quick guide to buying the perfect sapphire engagement ring.

The first thing while buying a sapphire engagement ring is the quality of the sapphire. Color is the most defining characteristic of a fine quality sapphire. The ideal color of a good sapphire would be vibrant royal blue. Darker and lighter hues bring down the quality standard.

The next important criterion should be the clarity of the sapphire. An eye clean sapphire would be the best buy. The clearer the sapphire, the better the quality. But ironically gemstones especially sapphires, rubies and emeralds are rarely found with out inclusions. So look for a gem that does not have face up scars.

Next you would need to consider the setting. You would have to choose between gold and platinum. If you prefer gold, then go for higher quality gold like 18k and ensure that the gold is hallmarked. Hallmarking is certifying your gold for the mentioned quality. It is the gold trust seal. Sapphire looks good both in white gold and yellow gold. Yellow gold adds a classic appeal to the sapphire and white gold adds a chic, contemporary elegance to the sapphire. After deciding the metal, think of the setting type and design of the engagement ring. Look for a design that is classy and your fiancée will cherish all her life. Don’t look for a design that is very fashionable for it might loose its charm as the fashion changes.

Blue sapphire Ring For Engagement

Feel Like Princess Diana

According to an ancient belief the sky got its lovely blue color from a blue sapphire. Sapphires are also known as the celestial gemstones or the gemstones of the heavens. The exotic beauty combined with the gemstone’s durability make sapphire as one of the most priced colored gemstone.

When we think about an engagement ring the feelings that come to our minds are love, beauty, trust and commitment. These are also the key ingredients of a happy and prosperous marriage. Therefore an engagement ring should symbolize the special feelings associated to love, engagement and marriage. Gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies and more are perfect symbols of all mentioned above. Amongst the rest, sapphire engagement rings have made a special place in the engagement ring market with celebrities and royalty opting for sapphire engagement rings instead of the traditional diamond engagement rings. The trend is believed to have started with the famous sapphire engagement ring belonging to Princess Diana presented to her by Prince Charles.

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