Huge Discount on Angara Sapphire Engagement Ring

Stylish Engagement Ring

This is the kind of ring that is worth getting engaged for. I was thinking about the guy who chooses this ring for his lady – sophisticated, stylish, rich, fashion-wise and loves his girl a lot. Like I said this is the kind of ring that is worth getting engaged for. God. I wish my boyfriend’s reading this!

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Luxury Blue Sapphire Ring

Love is in the air! This romantic ring speaks more than just a beautiful design. It has style, character, sophistication and a lot of diamonds. The proud sapphire in the center is an impressive 8×6 mm. Diamond border adds to the size and of course luxury. The intricate craftsmanship is great. The design and style are very much in-vogue for bridal wear. You lucky girl I am already jealous.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Blue’s always been my favorite color and there was a time I only had different shades of blue in my wardrobe. This fetish for blue presently has traveled and stuck to an ultimate craving for gemstone jewelry of this color and what, other than blue sapphire will possibly justify this desire. Now, you could call this an expensive affair but I simply can’t help it. Yesterday I chanced upon a lovely three stone blue sapphire ring in 18k white gold. It is flanked by two dazzling diamonds on both sides giving it an absolutely divine look. Both sapphires and diamonds due to their durability make an ideal choice for daily wear so I’m really glad I won’t have to wear my new ring sparingly and can flaunt it anytime. In fact all the time!

Pink Sapphire Ring

When you want to feel pretty and feminine! The beautiful ring features a scrumptious pear shaped pink sapphire. Prong setting makes the pretty pink sapphire dance with color and luster at the play of light. I color, I1 clarity round brilliant diamonds enliven the arresting design.

Pink sapphires from South Africa are the most prized pink sapphires in the world. This lovely pink sapphire is abundant with beautiful pink color and brilliance.The twinkling diamonds are in fine contrast with the lovely pink sapphire. The pink and white combination makes an interesting and lively design to brighten up any outfit.

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Huge Discount on Angara Sapphire Engagement Ring