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All about Sapphire Birthstone

OVAL SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND FLORAL BORDER PENDANTThe deep blue color of sapphire stone had been very popular among Christians in the early times. It embodies sacredness and heavenly elegance. If you give it an intense thought, you could realize that you exist in between the two blues of the Nature. The blue envelope of the sky and the freshening blue blanket of the ocean keep you in its womb. Similarly, the gemstone sapphire safeguards the people born in the month of September.

The term ‘sapphire’ itself means precious stone, which is actually a reflection of God’s blessings straight from the heaven. This divine hue of the gem banishes immoral and evil thoughts from the mind of the wearer. It develops an encasing of kindness, honesty and integrity around the person donning sapphire as birthstone. From past thousands of centuries, this charmer has been distinguished as Stone of Wisdom as it establishes mental balance and originates new and inspiring ideas. Spiritual insight and celestial faith are other significant benefits of putting on a sapphire jewel.

Gone are the times when birthstones were donned in plain and simple ensembles. Jewelry traditions have changed and so do fashion. You can enjoy wearing your birth charms in the trendiest of blings. In fact, modern girls of today have shown a deep interest for sapphires in their engagement and wedding rings as well. The ring typifies the supremacy and sophistication of a woman at its best.

Type of Sapphire Rings

Second to diamond in the property of hardness, this gem is believed to fulfill all the heartiest wishes of the owner and brings about good health and wealth. This blue stunner is said to heal several skin diseases and eye infections. It also alleviates the love and respect in the personal life of the wearer. Aside from being a benediction as the birthstone, sapphire jewelry is just the right giveaway for celebrating the commitment on the fifth wedding anniversary.

They say that this bright blue stone rejuvenates the lovely relationship between couples. When given as an anniversary gift by a husband to his wife, he ensures to be with her with many more years and guarantees every day of happiness.

Angara’s exclusive collection of sapphire engagement rings

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Sapphire engagement ring like Kate is a dream comes true

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Special Ring for the Beloved!

As your girl is the special person for you, you need a special ring to mark your engagement with her. For the purpose, what other gemstone can serve well than the sapphire gem? Beautiful and durable, the stone is available in a number of colors.

Sapphire Engagement Rings
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Sapphire Engagement Rings

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Exclusive Vintage Rings Collection

Vintage Rings
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