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Contemporary Settings on Plain Wedding Bands

Just like decorating a dish with well-seasoned toppings make it look more alluring and inviting, in the same way, donning jewelry transforms the entire look of an outfit. Whether you go for a casual gathering or formal dinner party, few pieces of unique jewelry presents a stylish and classy you. It creates an instant spark even on the most boring dress, making you smile. Including even a pair of stylish dainty studs acts as a rainbow in the cloud.

Similarly, incorporating something fashionable on a plain base brings about a charming statement. This is so very true with a plain wedding band. Though plain wedding bands are long-established and absolute choice of men, latest trends have changed preferences of most grooms-to-be. Men too love wearing their wedding band forever and a day. They enjoy the attention of friends and relatives as much as the blushing bride on their grand day. So why be simple and traditional when it is about the momentous precious bling of your life?


well, this seems to be a phase of being fashionable in whatever you do. To gratify such desires of grooms, jewelry designers have introduced contemporary settings on simple, plain bands. Such stone settings do not make them over-showy, but adds vim to the overall appearance of the ring. Here are few beautiful, modern-day men’s wedding bands, picked up from the leading gemstone e-tailer, Angara.

Channel-set:  Exactly what the name signifies, diamonds are set in a channel-like structure on the surface of a plain ring. Two pieces of individual metals hold the contour of gems in between, with no exposed edges. As diamonds are placed touching each other with some space left in between, light can easily pass through them. This exhibits the perfect brilliance of gemstones.
Channel Set Diamond Half Eternity Wedding Band in Two Tone
A paved arrangement is an immaculate and orderly display of tiles on wall and stones on streets. Likewise, pave setting of precious stones produces an arrangement using petite charmers placed against one other. Setting up gems on a basic metal plane presents a dashing wedding band.


Holding a piece of gem with tension or force from two sides, what you see is a tension setting. This is a fresh and recent style featuring a classy piece of ring. Usually, it is a single stone set in between two pieces of metal, giving the look of a solitaire diamond ring. With more innovative talent budding, you can find various other designs using tension setting.


Tension Set Round Diamond Solitaire Wedding Band
A style that flaunts only the crown of the stone to the onlooker, keeping its bottom in level with the metal is termed as gypsy setting. It looks as if the crystal is hammered inside the metal piece.  There are many ways to gypsy-set the sparklers. They can be put all over a full eternity band at equal intervals or together in a contour. Both methods of setting are dashing and lead to a comfort-fit.


There may be some more types of stone settings that are not listed here. Share it if you know an intriguing approach of making a plain band look fashionable. Tell us which of the settings and styles you prefer in wedding bands.

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