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Divine Colors on Weddings

There are lots of lovely touches that you can think of adding to your wedding jewelry collection. Aside from choosing to be the traditional white or cream bride-to-be, incorporating various radiant colors is fun.

Divine Colors on Weddings

From heavenly blue to lavenderand blushing red to hot pink, colorful gemstone jewelry setsa trend on your grand day. Be it an engagement ring, wedding band, bridal necklace or pair of earrings, there are countless divine options to choose from the world of gemstones. One among them is the royal blue sapphire.

You can never go wrong while choosing this rich blue stone for your engagement ring. In the last five years, blue sapphires have gained enormous adoration from the girls of the present generation.Young women love to be distinctiveand imperial blue engagement rings give them a chance to go beyond the timeless solitaire diamond piece.A trendy pair of round azure studs and a sapphire and diamond necklace make excellent, charming combo with your snow-white bridal dress.These true-blue jewels have redefined the standard bridal ensembles.

Choose a Perfect Wedding Jewelry

The contrast between a white wedding gown and a diamond-combined blue sapphire necklace is a treat to watch.

Pear Pink Sapphire and Amethyst Cluster Flower PendantProng Set Round Pink Sapphire Half Eternity Wedding Band

Your journey to individuality does not end here; a sapphire gem has lot more to offer. Pretty pinks are the romantic treasures of a girly girl.The purity and splendor of pink sapphire very well showcase the feminine element of a bride-to-be. Furthermore, bridesmaids with aromatic lavender flowers and delicate pink blingsmakethe whole wedding a fanciful affair.Sleek wedding bands, in pink shade, never go out of trend. Pink sapphire chain pendants and eternity bands make excellent anniversary gifts to be given as a token of long and continued support that a wife gives to her husband.

Angara’s exclusive collection of sapphire engagement rings

An engagement ring is a lady’s most loved ornament and she wants it to be distinctive in all ways. The ecstasy of her heart is expressed through this precious bling. Though there are various alternatives for e-rings, a sapphire ring mesmerizes a woman the most, especially after the popularity [...] Continue Reading…

Benefits of choosing sapphire engagement ring sets

Engagement ring sets are a very practical and cost effective choice for any couple. It gives the bride a feel of perfectly matched ring and wedding band and comforts the groom’s wallet. When you consider a bridal set over an engagement ring, you save a lot of time and [...] Continue Reading…

Sapphire engagement ring like Kate is a dream comes true

So many years and still the glory of that famous sapphire engagement ring is undiminished. You got me right; I am talking about Diana’s blue sapphire ring which Kate Middleton flaunts now.

Recently, I was browsing the latest photos of the royal family. The couple with their adorable son is [...] Continue Reading…

Special Ring for the Beloved!

As your girl is the special person for you, you need a special ring to mark your engagement with her. For the purpose, what other gemstone can serve well than the sapphire gem? Beautiful and durable, the stone is available in a number of colors.

Sapphire Engagement Rings
You can pick [...] Continue Reading…

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire is a magnificent and irresistibly beautiful gemstone. It’s tempting attraction had made Lady Diana choose it for her engagement ring, unlike what other Royal Ladies did at that time. And, history is evidence of how people welcomed the new styled ring. Further, the same ring was chosen by [...] Continue Reading…